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All athletes & parents must sign the last page of the handbook and give to the coach.


Chanhassen Club Volleyball

2014-2015 Handbook


We're proud to be a part of the community of Chanhassen and the surrounding area. We're looking forward to a great year of competitive volleyball!


Chanhassen Club Volleyball is dedicated to developing athletes with the skills, discipline, drive, and knowledge necessary to play volleyball at a highly competitive level. Our purpose is to promote the sport of volleyball, to provide training in skills and techniques, and to encourage teamwork, sportsmanship, and self-discipline both on and off the court.


You will be a part of a club that represents the communities we live in. We'll develop players who show pride through their team spirit, their actions on and off the court, their character, and their integrity. We expect to be a well-known, highly-respected club in this community.


Players will learn volleyball--from basic fundamentals to high-level skill development to overall knowledge of the game and strategies for winning. Experienced coaches promise to teach the whole game of volleyball--the physical and mental aspects--and strive for top-level players in each division. Whether a player is new to the game or experienced, we will do our best to help her become a stronger player.


Chanhassen Club Volleyball will meet the needs of families and players. Traveling teams are for players interested in high-level competition. With a longer season, stronger competition, and an overall higher intensity, traveling teams offer elite-level play at tournaments in Minnesota and outside of the state.  League teams are for players interested in a shorter season with no out-of-state travel. Training for both traveling and league teams is top-notch--and intended to improve the skill-level of the competitive volleyball player.


Parents are an important part of Chanhassen Club Volleyball. Great players are a result of a joint effort between families, coaches, team members, and the players themselves. There are many ways for parents to be involved--everything from club administration to fundraising to carpooling. And of course, parents are always the number one fan on game day!



Chanhassen Club Volleyball currently offers two levels of playing divisions:  League and Travel

League:   League teams offer high-level training with a shorter time commitment, fewer tournaments, less cost, and no out-of-state travel. League teams will have one coach and average six practices per month, power league and two local tournaments.

Travel:  Traveling teams offer elite-level training and competition, with a longer season, more practice time, more tournaments, and out-of-state travel, at a higher cost. Travel teams will have two coaches per team, and average eight practices per month.

Local:  Local Teams are designed for players who want the same benefits as travel teams, but with one coach and no out-of-state travel. Local Teams will have one coach per team and average six to eight practices per month.

18 and Under Division:
                Players who were born on or after September 1, 1996

17 and Under Division:
                Players who were born on or after September 1, 1997

16 and Under Division:
                Players who were born on or after September 1, 1998
15 and Under Division:
                Players who were born on or after September 1, 1999
14 and Under Division:
                Players who were born on or after September 1, 2000
13 and Under Division:
                Players who were born on or after September 1, 2001
12 and Under Division:
                Players who were born on or after September 1, 2002

 2014-2015 Club Fees

12's & 13's League:  $625 ($300 due at registration, $162.50 due Jan. 1, Feb. 1 2015)

Includes: 1 paid coach (TBD), uniform (1 jersey and shorts), power league, 2 area events. Practice 4-6 times per month, and may include SAQ training. Season ends at the end of April. 

12's & 13's Local:  $895 ($300 due at registration, $297.50 due Jan. 1, Feb.  1, 2015)

Includes: 1 paid coach-(TBD), uniform (1 jersey and shorts), power league & optional power league, 4-6 area events. Participate in, in state overnight tournament-lodging not included. Practice twice a week, and may include SAQ training. Season ends middle of May.

14's Local: $1150 ($300 due at registration, $212.50 due Jan. 1, Feb. 1, Mar. 1, and Apr. 1, 2015)

Includes: 2 paid coaches (TBD), uniform (1 jersey and shorts), power league & optional power league, 6 area events. Will include some overnight travel, (may have option for out of state travel for additional fee.) Practice twice a week, and may include SAQ training. Season ends middle of June if team participates in out of state tournament, otherwise season ends May.

14's, 15's - 16's Travel:  $1850  ($300 due at registration, $387.50 due Jan. 1, Feb. 1, Mar. 1, Apr. 1,  2015); 14-2's $1150 with option of out of state travel for additional fees
Includes: 2 paid coaches (TBD), uniform (two jersey's and shorts), power league & optional power league, 6 events. Will include some overnight travel, out of state travel may include Orlando. Practice twice a week, and may include SAQ training. Season ends late June. Lodging for out of state tournament included, transportation for out of state tournament additional fee.


If monthly payments are delinquent it will affect the participation of the player until payments are up to date.  Please contact the Treasurer if you have payment questions.


                Each team will consist of 8-11 players whenever possible. Everyone is given the opportunity to improve their skills during practice. Playing time and position during competitions will be determined by the coaches. For league teams, a greater emphasis will be placed on equal playing time as competitions allow. For travel teams, we do not guarantee equal playing time during competition; we believe in a “fair” amount of playing time for each athlete as determined by the coaching staff. We will aim for success in every match possible in order to strive to compete at a highly competitive level. We rely on the training time during practices to make improvements in the athletes’ skills. The coaches will evaluate team members’ attitude, skills, ability, attendance along with team needs, competition, and other variables for each match to determine playing time and position.  Playing time for individual players during matches may vary depending on the needs of the team and the positions of the players. It is important for the team and parents to know that even though some positions are on the court more than others, each member of the team is valued and is important to the team’s success.

EXPECTATIONS: PLAYERS-General Team Expectations

1.       You are a member of the team. Show it—be a true team player by supporting your team. Every member of the team is a member of the team, regardless of playing time. Support each other and each person’s role on the team. Always encourage your teammates—in practice, in games, on the bench.


2.       Work Hard 100% of the time—during practice and competition.


3.       Show respect for your teammates, your coaches, and your parents. Thank them!


4.       Show a positive attitude. Remember, you are representing your community. Make Chanhassen look like the positive place it is.


5.       Wear your uniform with pride. Take care of it. Make sure you have everything you need at practice and at tournaments.


6.       Chemical use during the season will not be tolerated.


7.       Strive for excellence and the success of the program and the team.


8.       Work hard. Improve your skills. Have fun!


9.     Talk directly to your coach (before or after practice) if you have questions or concerns about how to improve your game, about your position, or about your playing time. Listen carefully to the response and use the feedback to improve your game.

Practice Expectations

1.       You are expected to attend every practice. Only an illness serious enough to keep you home from school or a genuine family emergency is a legitimate excuse for missing practice.


2.       IF YOU CANNOT BE AT PRACTICE, YOU MUST CALL YOUR COACH. It is your responsibility to reach the coach before the practice starts. Lack of attendance at practices can result in loss of playing time.


3.       At least a three week advance notice is requested to be provided to the coach if an athlete will be missing a power league competition or tournament to ensure we can have adequate personnel for the competition.


4.       Injured or ill athletes who can attend school are expected to attend practice to support their team and be available to help where they can, even if they cannot physically participate in practice.


5.       Arrive 15 minutes early for the scheduled practice time to get yourself ready and to help set up the gym and all equipment.


6.       You are encouraged to bring water to practices and tournaments. Absolutely no glass containers are allowed in the gym.


7.       Volleyball shoes are to be carried into the practice, and worn only for practice. This is to assure that the courts remain clean. It also helps the shoes to have better traction and retain that traction longer.


8.       Texting and making phone calls during volleyball practice or competition is not allowed. Limit calls and texts to time before and after play time.


9.       Be mentally and physically prepared to work hard during practice. We always hustle and no ball goes left unshagged.


10.   Follow the instructions of the coach—be coachable! Accept their instructions and criticism as methods to improve your play. Talk to the coach if you have questions or concerns.


11.   Focus on drills and instructions during practice. Avoid socializing. We have a limited amount of practice time and every minute must be utilized.


12. Coaches use the attitude and skills you show during practice time and your regular attendance to help determine playing time for competitions. Give each practice your best!


1.       WORDS OF WISDOM: "There are four positions on an athletic field: spectator, referee, coach, and player. You get to choose one and only one."-- Bruce Brown


2.       Make sure your daughter arrives early to practices and tournaments with the equipment and uniform she needs.


3.       Support your daughter while realizing that she will be challenged to become a better player. Insist that your daughter try to work out volleyball-related issues directly with her coach before enlisting your assistance.


4.       Foster in your daughter a positive self-image and self-worth. Do not compare and contrast your daughter with anyone else, whether it be teammates or siblings. Help her to feel good about herself, her sense of belonging to a team, and her role on the team. Each role is important.


5.       Speak in a positive manner about the team, the sport, your daughter, other team members, and the coaching staff…even the competition. Do not negatively discuss other players by name out loud or in print.


6.       Avoid jumping to conclusions. Remember that some teenagers tend to exaggerate both when praised and criticized, and that decisions about complicated issues like playing time are usually the product of many factors.


7.       Just as your daughter represents our community and our organization, you do as well. Be a proud, friendly, enthusiastic member of Chanhassen Club Volleyball.


8. Empower your daughters to talk directly with coaches with any concerns or questions about training, playing time and position on the court. Teach your daughter to be her own advocate. If she has concerns about her role on the team, encourage her to approach the coaching staff directly in a calm and respectful manner. Guide her in how to communicate her concerns and encourage her to listen closely to the response, understanding that coaching a team is a complex task and each decision is made based on many factors. If your daughter has communicated directly with the coaching staff and there are still concerns, you have the option to either communicate directly with the coaches or utilize the parent rep as a liaison for communication.


9.       DO NOT APPROACH A COACH DURING COMPETITION OR PRACTICE OR WHEN OTHER PLAYERS ARE PRESENT TO DISCUSS YOUR DAUGHTER. If you are concerned about a volleyball-related issue that requires you to speak directly with a coach, we ask that you wait at least 24 hours after the triggering event. But then deal with the issue at hand in the next 48 hours or forever drop it. Cooler heads are inevitably more productive (the 24/48 RULE). Parents are welcomed and encouraged to address concerns directly related to their daughter with the coaching staff when possible and appropriate. If for any reason you are uncomfortable approaching the coaching staff directly, your parent rep is a liaison to communicate concerns confidentially.
*  See Grievance Protocol.


10.       Your manner of approach will go a long way toward reaching resolution. Try to seek answers to questions that will enhance your daughter’s experience and find out what you as a parent can do to assist in the effort. We also ask that your daughter be involved in any meetings as we need everyone’s help and involvement to address.


11.   WORDS OF WISDOM: "There are appropriate and inappropriate subjects that a parent can discuss with a coach. Appropriate ones are mental and physical treatment of the child, ways to help the child improve and the child's behavior. Inappropriate ones are playing time, strategy and other team members."-- Bruce Brown


12.   All parents (and players) are expected to demonstrate the highest level of sportsmanship while representing Chanhassen Club Volleyball. Please cheer for our team’s efforts and successes. Parents and other fans should never celebrate our opponents’ mistakes.


13.   While in the gymnasium, keep all comments positive—remember, you are sitting among parents from the other clubs. Please do not compare the skill or attitude of your daughter out loud with other members of the team.


14.   Encourage your daughter to play volleyball for the love of the game. Winning will take care of itself. Remind her to just play. Good things happen to teams and individuals who are unselfish, hard working and committed.


15.   Do not develop envy toward other players. Be a promoter of the game. Do not show animosity or jealousy towards any of your daughter’s teammates as we ask the same of your daughter. We will ask that your daughter work hard at whatever role she has been asked to fulfill and we would like you to support this. We will only accomplish great things from the hard work of the entire team.


16.   Volleyball officials are off-limits for parents. Refrain from yelling at the referees—before, during and after the match—no matter what the perceived error or injustice.


17.   Take the time to learn more about volleyball rules and strategy. What sometimes seems like a blown call or a poor coaching decision often looks much different if you have a more detailed appreciation for the nuances of this sometimes-complicated sport.

18.   Consider it a sign of trouble if a player looks into the stands repeatedly for parental approval or disapproval during a game.

19. When given the opportunity to respond to surveys, know that they are intended as a way to offer respectful, professional and constructive feedback that will aid in improving our club, not as a medium for venting grievances or concerns.

20. Because we need parent chaperones for the success of our club, parents are expected to volunteer for these duties and others as needed.

21.   Attend tournaments and cheer for Chanhassen Club Volleyball!

(Credit to High Performance Volleyball-Alberta, Canada)


1.      Model behavior that exemplifies Chanhassen Club Volleyball and the community of Chanhassen.

2.      Look out for the safety and well-being of each player and the team.

3.      Always set a good example - win or lose. Volleyball is a game - treat it and respect it as such.

4.      Get to know each player. Then, treat each player as an individual, who should be listened to and motivated in a unique fashion according to her personality and skill level.

5.      Strive for success for the organization, for the team, and for each individual.

6.      Increase your own skills and knowledge by attending clinics and other resources.

7.      Push players according to age, skill level, and goals of the team, while using language, requirements and discipline for age appropriate levels.

8.      Regularly check and respond to e-mail and phone calls from Club Director or CCV Board regarding club information. Attend coaches meetings as required.

9.      Notify players and parents prior to any practice or competition that you will not be able to attend due to illness or extenuating circumstances. Follow guidelines to find substitute coach as needed.

10.      Allow open communication between yourself, players, parents, the team representative and the Chanhassen Club Volleyball board of directors.
11. Encourage effective ways of communication and addressing concerns. Communicate with your team representative, players, and parents to achieve resolutions when there is a concern. Work to enhance player’s experiences and encourage parental involvement in the efforts.
12. Be professional by being on time, organized, polite, and motivating. 

13. Complete mid-season reviews including strengths and areas of improvement for each player

14.  As coaches, you are representing the CVV Club Program.  When representing the program you will have only one opportunity to make a "first impression".  Wear the supplied club clothing to all competitions with denim or khaki pants/shorts.  Chanhassen Club Volleyball t-shirts and court shoes are required for practices.  Attire that promotes other programs will not be allowed.

Liaison on the Chanhassen Club Volleyball Board of Directors.  Each situation will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Grievance Protocol

While we strive to make sure every player & parent has an exceptional experience with Chanhassen Club Volleyball, we understand that a situation may arise which requires additional attention.  The Chanhassen Club Volleyball Handbook outlines the expectations of both players & parents should a situation like this arise.

If a concern arises during the season regarding a player's role on the team, we strongly encourage the player to communicate directly with her coach.  If a parent has a concern regarding the team, the coach, or their daughter, they should make every attempt to communicate directly with the coach (following the 24/48 Hour Rule outlined in the Handbook).  If all attempts to communicate directly with the coach have been exhausted, the parent may communicate their concerns via the mid-season survey, to the Coaching Coordinator or to the Chanhassen Club Volleyball Board of Directors.

If during the season, a parent has a concern regarding Chanhassen Club Volleyball, its staff or any matter as it relates to general policy, they can communicate those concerns via the mid-season survey or to the Parent Rep

Please see the Coaches Tab on the Volleyball Home Page

Payment Plans

All Teams - Fees will be collected at registration and will include a non-refundable $50.00 try-out fee.

Credit Card payment is required and must be made through the website.  Payments can be made in installments or season fees can be paid in full at anytime, instead of in installments.  

If a player signs with a team, the try-out fee is applied to the annual fee. 

*All players must be registered by the Friday prior to try-outs.  There will be a $50.00 late fee assessed to an athlete who registers the day of tryouts*

Reimbursement Policy

A full refund will be provided if the club director is notified prior to the signing commitment. Once signing commitment is formalized, the player is responsible for full season fees unless otherwise approved by the board. In the event of a season ending injury, every attempt will be made to find a replacement at which time the replacement will be responsible for the remaining financial balance commitment. If a replacement is unable to be placed, then the injured player will be responsible for all unavoidable costs for the remainder of the season.


Club Commitment Signing

Chanhassen Club Volleyball requires that all players sign a club commitment form to formalize participation with the club for the current season. NCR rules state that players can only be involved with one club during the current season.

Weather Policies

Chanhassen Club Volleyball will follow the guidelines of District 112. If school is closed or no after school activities will be held by the District because of weather, there will be no practices or competitions held. Players will be notified by the team rep on a weekend if competitions are cancelled due to weather.

Travel Policies

Chanhassen Club Volleyball expects all players, coaches, and spectators to uphold high standards in behavior and sportsmanship, whether we are in a local tournament or traveling to a tournament requiring an overnight/hotel stay. A code of conduct will be discussed with players prior to all tournaments and a written version will need to be signed by players and their parents prior to the first overnight tournament.


Chaperone Responsibilities

Chaperones are expected to provide a safe environment for players while away from home on overnight events, be aware of all travel plans and aide with travel arrangements. They are extension of the coaching staff and Chanhassen Club Volleyball. Complete details of chaperone duties and expectations will be provided at a mandatory meeting before tournaments requiring chaperones.


Driver Responsibilities

Drivers are expected to provide a safe environment for players while away from home traveling to competitions/practices. They are expected to drive safely and responsibly, obey all laws and speed limits. Note that Chanhassen Club Volleyball does NOT carry automobile or liability insurance on drivers or occupants. It is your responsibility to carry proof of insurance.


We are committed to providing sales-oriented, voluntary fundraising opportunities to give families the opportunity to offset individual program fees. We will also offer a variety of team-building, activity-oriented options that are designed to fund supplemental tournaments and/or defer costs of extra items and activities required for the growth & success of our program. We hope that both players and parents will appreciate the value of these fundraisers and view them as positive, team-building experiences that expose our program to the community and generate additional funds.  Fundraising dollars earned will be distributed in the form of cash or check to the individual participants within a reasonable time of the fundraiser.



See the BOARD section on the CCV website for names, responsibilities, and contact information.
Approved Handbook-BOD Meeting 9/13/11



PLAYER: Please sign and return the following:


I, _____________________________, have read, understood, and agree to the policies, procedures and obligations set forth in the Chanhassen Club Volleyball handbook.


Player’s Signature______________________________________


PARENT: Please sign and return the following:


I, _____________________________, have read, understood, and agree to the policies, procedures and obligations set forth in the Chanhassen Club Volleyball handbook. In addition, I certify that I have discussed the handbook with my daughter. I agree to pay the fees set forth by Chanhassen Club Volleyball and allow my daughter to participate in the program.


Parent Name and Relationship (printed) ____________________________________________________


Parent Signature ____________________________________________________