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Travel & Equipment/Uniform Coordinator:

Public Relations Chair/Team Representative Liaison:

Fund-Raising Chair:

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Chanhassen Club Volleyball: 


CCV Board Position Descriptions - (July 1, 2014- June 30, 2015)

Club Director (Voting member, 3 year term)

The Club Director is responsible for setting the overall vision for Chanhassen Club Volleyball (CCV).  The Director leads the overall player/coach development and direction and serves as the clubs primary contact for the community.  Any player/parent/coach question or conflict will be overseen and managed by the Club Director.  The Club Director, in conjunction with the coaching staff, shall be responsible for the formation of the Club teams as determined by player ability, age and position. The hiring/firing of coaches will be the responsibility of the Director who will work closely with the Board to address any coach needs/or concerns.  All communications within region of the USAV Association with which the club is currently affiliated will fall within the role of the Club Director. The Club Director will also coordinate the registration of coaches and players in all league and tournament entries, along with any clinics, ensuring the Treasurer and other Board Members are aware in order to  ensure CCV remains in good financial standing. In essence, the Club Director is an integral and critical role to the CCV and will work closely with the Club President and overall Board to ensure all Club needs and responsibilities are met.

President  (Voting Member, 2 year term)

The President of CCV shall work in conjunction with the Club Director to execute the vision of CCV.  The President shall preside at all Board of Director meetings and ensure appropriate agendas and meeting minutes are published accordingly.  Duties will include ensuring the CCV website is operational and information remains up to date (in conjunction with the Public Relation Board Member), coordination of gym space, scheduling any additional meetings, overseeing any committee work, adding and/or updating schedule changes, posting all results to the website, coordination of the registration process working closely with the Board Treasurer, and providing any recommendations for updates re policies and procedures as needed and approved by the Board.  Although the Club Director will be the primary contact for the community regarding CCV, the President will provide back up when requested by the Club Director, or is required.  Additionally, the President will work closely with the Club Director to ensure all required documents are in place as required by local guidelines (USAV membership, Birth Certificates, medical forms, NCR registrations, etc) and distribute to the coaches as necessary. 
Finally, the President shall be responsible for serving on the CAA Executive Board as a voting member, representing CCV, as well as ensuring CCV remains compliant with any and all CAA Board rules and bi-laws.

Secretary- (voting member, 1 year term)
The Secretary shall be responsible for recording and distributing meeting minutes, and managing all communication as required. Minutes shall be distributed no later than 2 weeks following board meeting. They shall also maintain historical record of board members, meeting minutes, agendas, by-laws and policies within a master binder that is passed to the next elected Board Secretary.

Treasurer- (Voting member, 2 year term)
The Treasurer shall be responsible for the finances of the club by recording financial transactions, developing accurate annual budget that must be approved by the Executive Board, monitoring of incoming and outgoing expenses, and reviewing and approving expenses such as tournament registrations and club reimbursements, A current budget with detailed income and expenses shall be available at each monthly board meeting. The Treasurer is also responsible for monitoring participant fees and resolving past due payments. The Treasurer will coordinate these efforts with the CAA representative including the schedule for coaches’ compensation.

Fundraising Chair – (Voting member, 1 year term)
The Fundraising Chair shall be responsible for overseeing and directing all chapter fund raising activities. The chair will work to maintain equity between all sponsorship levels and deal with any discrepancies that should arise. The Chair is also responsible for assisting all committee chairs in meeting the chapter’s fundraising goals and insuring that all obligations are met on both sides: sponsor and club. The Chair shall supervise any and all committees within their position and shall provide an annual financial analysis of the portion of the Chapter’s budget relating to this jurisdiction. This person will also be responsible for coordinating/scheduling team & individual pictures, which includes contracting a photographer, setting up a date/time, securing a location & troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

Travel & Equipment/Uniform Coordinator- (Voting member, 1 year term)
Coordinator will secure lodging and other details like travel expenses and meals relating to tournaments that require overnight stay for players, coaches and parents. They will also work with coaches in seeking out chaperones and scheduling parent meetings communicating travel information and expectations. Responsible for assuring that all team uniforms are ordered /received prior to each season within budget and coordinates distribution to all participants. Works with Fundraising Chair in relation to sales of club apparel and profit earned for club and with Public Relations Chair in posting uniform and tournament details on website.

Public Relations/Team Representative Liaison- (Voting member, 1 year term)
The Team Representative Liaison will serve as a funnel for communication between the CCV board and the Team Reps for each team. This person will facilitate communication to Team Reps regarding the calendar of events, fundraisers, volunteer opportunities and other club activities which in turn be passed on to their respective teams. The Team Representative Liaison will serve as a point of contact between Team Reps/Parents and the board and ensure that all questions & concerns are responded to in a timely manner. The Public Relations Liason shall be primarily responsible for public relations and promotion of the club to the participants, parents media and to the general public relating full reports of the club activities, tournament results and important registration information. The PR chair shall oversee newsletter, website, media PR, e-mail blasts and social media. The PR Chair shall be responsible for identifying new public relations opportunities for elevating CCV in the public eye. The PR Chair will coordinate their efforts with other members of the board. The PR Chair will also coordinate promotion commitments for club sponsors. The PR Chair will also generate the Mid Season and Year End surveys, distribute to players/parents and analyze results with the Board.

Board Elections:
Election of officers will be voted upon every year within the members of the Board.  Elections will be held every year or as needed when members resign from the Board or performance requirements are not being met.  Officers may be nominated or may volunteer for the position for election. Uncontested positions will be voted within the Executive Board. In the event of a contested position or when more than one applicant is being considered, an open meeting will be held and all attendees may ask questions and vote. No election is final without a majority consensus vote from all board members.

Board Meetings:
Board Meetings to be held the second Monday of every month unless prior notification. Attendance is expected allowing 2 absences of regularly scheduled monthly meeting per season.  Any absences should be notified to the full Executive Board prior to the meeting. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed but will not require the same attendance as regularly scheduled monthly board meetings. No meeting will be held month of July.  A quorum shall consist of a majority of the members of the Board.  A quorum must be present before business can be transacted or motions can be passed.  A voting determination shall consist of a majority of the votes of the members of the Board.

Board Duties:
The Board will be expected to participate as needed in fundraising activities, volunteer coordination, support requirements of the program and general requests of the Board. 

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